Thank you for navigating to the HUMAI Galaxy site, which is being developed by members of the Siena College Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SCIAI). HUMAI Galaxy is a resource for expanding the body of knowledge on the impacts of AI technologies on humans and society.The structure of the site follows a cosmological theme with the HuMac Universe as the broadest area of discourse: the possible merger of AI and Humans. HUMAI Galaxy is a sub-area with its focus on the Big Question:

Is Artificial Intelligence changing what it means to be human?

HUMAI Galaxy comprises solar systems for each of four areas of discourse: Relevant AI Technologies, AI and Human Evolution, Theology and Human-ness, and Philosophy and Human-ness. You can learn more and enter a dialogue by clicking on one of the buttons or by choosing a topic from the Big Question Dialogues drop down menu.

In each solar system of discourse, luminaries in that subject area moderate online dialogues among scientists, theologians, and philosophers on related questions and issues. New knowledge and insights that evolve from the many dialogues in the HUMAI Galaxy are available to all through public online dialogues in this site and in a host of social media venues.

Our overarching goal is to promote dialogue among scientists, philosophers, and theologians on the impact of AI research and technology on our understanding of what it means to be human. A major objective is the identification and analysis of the possible developments in AI and related scientific research over the next decades. Through the dissemination of value-added information to the public, we aim to raise awareness of issues, promote constructive discourse, and help make progress toward answering big questions related to the meaning of human-ness in the age of rapidly changing technology.


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